Find out how much your website is worth

Here is a little handy tool I found on the internet, it checks backlinks and calculates how much in dollars your website is worth. I ran a few websites and blogs through the checker and got quite a surprise on one of them. I did find out that you can get 3 different values based on how you entered your URL. if you just enter the straight forward domain name such as "" you will get a different result than "" also adding the "www" to the domain will get another value. I found that just the straight domain name without the www or the http will yield the higher value. Have fun with it.

Website value checker


Sophie LC said...

Great blog! I just realize my blog is not as good as yours, but I am still going to check out that website value checker anyway!
Keep writing!

Beibi said...

hi, thanks for visiting my site, my website is also new and it took a while before they approved my blog, just wait. it will happen.