To be a successful blogger......

To be a successful blogger -you can't do it by yourself. You have to have readers and lots of them. How do you get those readers? By reading and commenting on other people's blogs! Don't just say, nice blog, go into some detail in your comment about the post, make your comment worth reading. Those blog owners will then have to approve your comment and usually take a look at your blog to see if you are the type of person and blog they themselves would like to read. Not only are you finding out the types of blogs you find interesting but they in turn are finding you.

I go one step further and add a link to their blog right here on my links section for the ones I really like. I hope they link back to me but if they don't I don't sweat it.

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Sophie LC said...

Thanks for the advice (and the comment on my blog!). I 'll keep this in mind, at the moment I am saving all the links I like in one word document (yes, you are there too), it saves me going back and forth to different websites and when I have found a few interesting ones, I'll also put them in my navigation bar.
Even if you don't make any money, it's always great to get a comment on your blog.