Ways to make money while waiting for your unemployment check

While searching for job openings online I am often finding other ways to make money rather than a 9-5 job. I don't know how lucrative they are but I do try to look into them.

Taking online surveys are one online venture that I have looked into. There is a lot of hype about how you can make a decent living of $400+ a week doing these things but I have found out differently. I joined 2 of them about 2 months ago. One is Lightspeed and the other is Survey S. Both of them are free to join, in fact don't ever pay anyone for information on how to get paid to take surveys, that part is a scam. Lightspeed sends me offers to take a survey about every other day but when I start the survey I am some how disqualified after the first 2 questions or so. This happens about 2 out of every 5 survey invitations sent to me. So I end up taking maybe one or 2 surveys a week. Lightspeed pays you in points. After you get so many points you can cash them in for cash or merchandise. I always cash mine out. So far in 2 months I have "earned" a whooping $25.00 not much but it does pay one bill for me. The next company I joined for free was by invitation and I am including my invitation to my readers here to join Survey S. Now this company pays you in straight cash. No contests or points just plain money. Their offers come about once a week and the pay rate has varied from $5.00 to $30.00 a survey. I have only been disqualified on 2 of the offers so far. In the last 2 months I have made $200+ which is not bad as a part time venture. My survey taking experience has not been enough to say I could earn a living doing it but it does offer some extra cash here and there.

Another one is blogging for money. This is my second blog. My first one was at a now defunct BlogFeast which has disappeared into the unknown. It was there that I learned about AdSense - those annoying ads from Google you see everywhere. If you have them on your website or blog and someone clicks on them to visit the advertiser then Google will pay the owner of the website or blog money for it. So far I have made the very large sum of $12.89 ...LOL Nothing to shout home about but then again I don't have the readership that some of the more established blogs do. Google will not pay you until you reach $100.00 so it will take me some time to get there. I do keep in touch with one of the other bloggers that does blog for money and he makes about $200.00 a week from AdSense on his 3 blogs. He has developed a readership following and has his own website. He still has his day job, as a trucker in Australia. His blog is about video games. Now if you plan on making money by blogging you will need to have a blog host that allows advertising. Blogger.com is the one I am using here. Wordpress.com does not allow any type of advertising at all and will cancel your account if you are even suspected to be having any paid links. So stay away from Wordpress.com if you plan on earning any money blogging.

We enough talk about making .... or should I say trying to make money .... back to sending resumes' out.


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Jason said...

I'm interested in this Survey S you speak of. I just became unemployed and am less and less thrilled about it. 200 dollars would make it seem more like funeployment again.

Thanks for the helpful blog post. good luck in your job hunt :)