Message board blaster is a piece of S***

In my quest to publicize my personal website in the past I have used a program called "Message Board Blaster". It is free to download and use 3 times. After those 3 times they want to charge you to use it. I just used it one time and that was enough for me. Here is what happens:
You download the software and put in all the info you want to see on the message including the website or blog you want the reader to visit and hit go. The trial version will only send it out to 10 message boards but if you pay them it will send it out to 5000 message boards. I opted for the free 10 message boards. Before I hit "go" I took down the names of the message boards so I could look them up later. On my website and this blog I have an invisible counter that I can look up who visits and where they are coming from. So with that in place I can see if I do get any visitors from those message boards. So I then waited a week and still no visitors from any message boards. I finally looked up some of the message boards mentioned in the blaster and I found out they were all the same! The only difference was the title of the message board. What I figured out they did was simply put up 5000 of their own message boards - which no body reads and then claim they "blasted" your post to all those message boards. It is a scam!!! Stay away from them. I did see one of their testimonies from a customer, it said "Message Board Blaster must work because I got 25 more visitors than I usually get" 25!!! With the millions of people on the Internet you would get 25 more visitors by accident - give me a break.


Anonymous said...

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The knowledge lady said...

I have never heard of XRunner. No one single program can help a person advertise on the internet unless it is malware or a blackhat technique.

Since you posted the comment on my blog under "anonymous" I can only assume that you are not really looking for the program but are trying to advertise it. You picked the wrong blog to do that on, since I might do an in depth post about that product just to tear it to shreds. Thanks for the fodder.