Big companies play Scrooge at Christmas

I have never been loyal to my corporate employers. If I found a better paying job or got sick and tired of being treated like sh** I would leave. I have only left 2 jobs in my entire working career, one for more money and the other because I was not treated very well because I was woman in a man's career. Because of that fact I have not been a "loyal" employee. Granted I have stayed with companies for well over 10 years but those same companies can and do treat their employees like a throw away commodity at Christmas time.

This Christmas is no different. I know a few people working at HP as temp workers and they have been let go in the past few weeks. Several major music recording companies have just announced layoffs: Sony, EMI, Warner and others. At least 2 major research labs have announced layoffs, they are the Lawrence Livermore Lab and the Los Alamos Lab, both in California. They are having cuts of up to 800 people each. There have been many more in the news in the past few days.

My biggest gripe is why do these companies wait to around the holidays to do this to people? They obviously knew about the pending cuts long before the end of the year, so do they just like playing the part of Scrooge?

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