Sterling silver jewelry that I sell

My little adventure into selling at jewelry parties has a very mild beginning. I have sold about $300 worth of jewelry of which my net profit has been $150. Not bad for a part time venture. I tried listing a few items on eBay but they seemed to have gotten lost in the crowd. Also the fact that people who shop on eBay are looking for dirt cheap items and don't want to pay even wholesale on some things. Ebay is just like the old fashioned flea markets and my items are not flea market quality.

I have sold a few books on in the past and still have a few listed on there. They have a higher clientele that will pay more for items. The only problem with Amazon is that I can't list my jewelry unless I have a full blown web store with them. The store cost $59 a month and to me is rather high just for a spot on the internet. is another option but it would be just like any other website that I would have to promote. has the best price - it's free.

The local holiday bazaars did not pan out for me for selling the jewelry. I also get very bored sitting and trying to sell in one spot for 7 hours or more. That type of selling is NOT for me.

I just need another outlet for my selling. By the way the photo of the necklace is from my celtic collection.

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