A surprising turn of events, earning money writing freelance

I had heard about Associated Content last year when I was sent a small package from them and an invite to join. I looked into it and then forgot about them. I don't know what prompted me to check them out again but I did just that 2 weeks ago. When I logged in for the first time I was offered all these "calls" to a write 400-500 word article about different subjects. I figured I could do that and wrote them. This is my second week with them and so far I have been paid $10.00 for 2 articles and I have another 3 that I have to write for $15.00 more. I can usually crank the articles out at a rate of 4 an hour so for the pay rate I think I am doing pretty good.

Join Associated Content

Here is one of the articles that I have done so you can get an idea of what type of subjects they offer writers. Personalized Christmas stockings

It looks like I have found another steady source of income. It is low to begin with but who knows where it will take me. At $25.00 a week it pays off my dental bill.


Sophie LC said...

You are one of the lucky ones, I never get the calls and I have been with them for over a month! Could it be that I am in Europe? I am addicted to your blog, I just have to check it every day. I will check out your articles too!

Scratching-out-a-living said...

I have been hearing that from other people too. I read the forums on their site and some people never get a "call". Me, I check out the site about once an hour (yes I am on the computer all day long it seems). I manage to pick up at least 2-3 calls a day. This morning there were lots of Super Bowl calls and there are still video calls for the coming election. You might be right about living outside of the USA since most of the calls are for stories that are geared towards people living in the USA.