Increasing your blog popularity

In order to become a successful blogger you need readers, readers that come everyday, loyal readers. Once you have just a few readers or even one loyal reader you are on your way to success. Why do I say that? Simple, you have found at least one person that likes your style of writing and likes what you have to say everyday. If there is one person there must be more out there somewhere.

How will you know if you have a loyal following? Well, you should have some sort of tracking code on your blog to let you know where your readers are coming from, how long they are staying, what they are looking at and where in the world they are. If you don't have such a code installed you can get it at StatCounter for free.

Once you have found your loyal readers, do a bit of investigation and find out their blog or website and visit it. If it allows you to make comments then by all means do so. Make them feel as important as they made you feel. I found a very informative blog post on one of the world's most popular blogs that tells you how to grow your blogging audience in "The Secret to Building a Popular Blog". It goes into great detail on how to get people to make comments on you blog and make everyone feel like they are an active part of the blog.

I am done with my pep talk for today - now go out in cyberland and become popular.


Sophie LC said...

Yes, me again! I agree with you and I appreciate all the comments you leave on my blog. I will check out your 2 links right now, the statcounter thingy looks good on your blog (I hope mine won't look too ridiculous-I don't think my stats are that good!)

Scratching-out-a-living said...

The "thingy" you mentioned is NOT StatCounter, it is just another little widget I found for fun. My StatCounter I set to invisible and is inbedded in the foot of the blog page. I set it to invisible because I don't want anyone to look at my stats. I am just funny that way I guess. I want to use the information just for me. I login to Statcounter to view my stats and believe me there is plenty to look at with not only how many people come to your site but also what are the most popular pages, ect. I find that the popular page stat is my most useful, it lets me know what people are reading so I can continue to write that type of article. No use writing about something nobody is interested in.