Blog posts and comments

It is no secret that I occasionally do paid blog posts. I am often asked if I let people make comments on those posts. My answer is a big YES! The advertisers want comments. That is the only way they know that their products or services are being talked about. Even bad press gets people talking and often clicking on a website to check it out for themselves. Gossip is what the bloggers want to generate for those smaller companies that have chosen to use bloggers to spead the word for them.


Sophie LC said...

I managed to get a free $100 coupon code to advertise with PayPerPost recently: it's interesting to read what other bloggers say about your blog too! Now I am going to Stumble the best one and give a few Digg and Propeller here and there so I can make the most of my free $100!

The knowledge lady said...

Congrats. I saw your task offered on the PPP site. I was too late to grab it. :(