The benefits of having a blog

Blogging is not just a way to log your daily thoughts. A blog can be a very useful tool in your business toolbox. If you have a website the blog can be a very easy way to update your customers with up coming sales, new products or a simple way to communicate with your customers encouraging them to leave comments on your blog. Blogs have come a long way in the last few years. Did you know that search engines index a blog faster than they index website? Some are indexed and found in search engine results as fast as 5 minutes after you post a blog entry on your blog. That simple fact alone makes the blog a great tool for advertising and promoting your business.

Blogs are wonderful since you can also bypass having a regular website and sell items straight from your blog. Blogs are easier to maintain and much easier to promote than a website. You also have the added advantage of interacting with your visitors to build up a following.

In order to promote your blog even more you should add an email newsletter and the option to your blog to let people subscribe to it. One company that offers a free, yes I said free, email newsletter service and a way to maintain your email list is Zookoda. If your blog is getting a nice daily amount of visitors then you should consider adding a newsletter to your blogging toolbox.

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