Computer problems

Our family has long since abandoned the desk top computer in favor of the laptop. Our first laptop in the family was a Compaq bought back in 2000. The thing had it's share of problems, many of which I can attribute to the Windows ME system. I gave up on that one in 2005 and bought an Averatec which was a nice little notebook with some style. It started to act up after 2 years and I took it in to be repaired. While it was in the shop for a day I bought another Compaq laptop (mainly because it was cheap) and gave the Averatec to my daughter (she was thrilled). Now a year later the Averatec is still going strong and the HP Compaq had to be sent back to HP for repair. HP thinks the mother board is fried. So now I am back to the old desktop we had sitting in the back room until my Compaq comes back from HP.

One of the things I hate doing is having to deal with software or hardware issues when it comes to computers. Printers, now they are another pain in the butt.

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