Saving money on medical needs

With the rising costs of medical insurance and out of pocket co-pays there has got to be a solution to cutting our monthly medical expenses. With more and more people finding themselves unemployed they either have to choose to have no medical insurance coverage or pay for their own personal medical insurance. Even if you work you often have to pay part of the insurance premium for your coverage which is taken out of your shrinking paycheck.

I was paying for my own medical insurance for at least 3 years. The family income was about $200 more than the maximum threshold for government aid and the bare bones medical insurance with high deductible that I purchased was $260 a month for me and my daughter. So with the government regulations on limits we were now $60 under their monthly threshold and we still had to pay for our own prescriptions out of pocket since the medical insurance I bought did not cover them.

Walmart had not started their $4.00 prescription plan at that time and even now they do not cover some of the medications that I take monthly under that $4.00 plan. I wish I had known about ordering my prescriptions from an online pharmacy. I have always been leary of ordering such a personal item such a health product online but it is the wave of the future to have online prescriptions.

I am so glad that I don't have an expensive medical problem in the family such as ED or high cholesterol because some of the newer fancy drugs like levitra can cost you an arm and a leg.

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