An oil fact

Did you know that those very thin plastic grocery bags have become such an energy user upper? In China alone the amount of grocery bags used each year will need 37 million barrels of oil to produce them. I wonder what the use is in the USA? China has become so alarmed at the amount of oil it takes to make the bags, it is thinking about banning them all together.

If China bans the bags will the USA follow? I think it is a trend we all need to take notice of. Now if you are entrepreneurial enough you can take it one step further and make reusable shopping bags. Now we would all need to convince the store owners that by taking a reusable shopping bag into a store does not mean that we plan on shoplifting.


Sophie LC said...

In Ireland for a few years now, shopkeepers sell plastic bags (even the small regular ones they used to give away) for about €0.15. This may have gone up but I wouldn't know since I always bring my own canvas bag (better against tearing) and I think a lot of other European countries are following. Takes getting used to bringing your own bag at the beginning but a good thing as there is also less littering as people are more reluctant in throwing away the bags they paid for.

The knowledge lady said...

I don't think that the USA has ever gotten into the idea of reusable shopping bags. Even before there were the current thin plastic bags there were the paper ones.