Selling on Craigslist

I know many people that stay away from eBay for buying items. They prefer Craigslist over eBay. I guess it is no wonder that eBay owns part of Craigslist, yes you heard that right, eBay is an investor in Craigslist.

Now Craigslist is a great way to list items for sale that you would prefer not to ship to the buyer. Most people that I know have listed at least one item on Craigslist at one time. I know I have listed a few things on there such as a truck, a rabbit hutch and tools. The listings didn't take that much time but they still could have been easier to do, at least in my mind.

There are several software companies that provide programs specifically catering to listing ads on Craigslist. One of them is Craygo and they claim to, and I quote "Craygo has more features than any other craigslist posting application out there" and "Craygo has more features than Easy Ad Poster (EzAdSuite), AdsOnCraigs, AdBomber and AdMaster." Their program features many faster ways to list an ad on Craigslist. Some of the features are (and this is direct from their website) allows you to store your ads for future posting, automatically enters your ad data into the correct forms on Craigslist and properly submits the ads on your behalf. Craygo even allows you to rotate and randomize an unlimited amount of email addresses.

It also has the feature of allowing you to list several cites without jumping around Craigslist to list them on each city site.

If this is the type of program that might interest your business then check it out at adsoncraigs. The prices are geared more toward the person or business that lists a large amount of items, services or products on Craigslist. The price for the basic Craygo program is $57.77 so I would not recommend it to the casual seller on Craigslist. On the other hand if you have a medium size to larger business that might be trying to sell outdated or surplus equipment then this program might be just what you are looking for.

Below is a screen shot of the Craygo program.

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