When will people learn?

An acquaintance of mine recently poured out his gut about how the rising cost of gasoline was getting to him. He lives about 40 miles from work so he has a round trip of about 80 miles each day. He drives an older Volvo that gets under 19 miles to the gallon. He has a large pick-up truck that leaves at home now. I was feeling sorry for the poor man, notice I said WAS.

Yesterday this same man was telling me how he spent his lunch times at work. He has an hour for lunch and he has an office job. He so badly wants to get away from work at lunch time that he jumps in his car and drives around for the hour!!! He says he finds a nice place to park and eats his sack lunch. He told me of a local lake that he found that has a nice city park next to it. I know of the place and it is about 10 miles from work. That is a 20 mile round trip for a lunch time excursion. Does that man realize that he just spent about $5.00 for his little lunch time getaway? Over the course of a year that works out to $1200.00 in gas at the current price of gas.

I am no longer feeling sorry for a man that complains about the rising cost of gasoline when he wastes so much of it. I wonder what he will say when I point this blog post out to him? I really want to know what he could do with an extra $1200.00 in his pocket if he chose to take a walk at lunch time instead of drive around.

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