Watch out for scam about being a "movie extra"

There is a career scam going around the internet. Usually you will get an email like the one I got. Here it is:
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 08:18:06 -0700
Sunday, Jul 20, 2008
Want to be in a movie? All ages, looks, and types needed.....Daily pay. Click below on how you can get a part.

The link takes you to a site called Hollywood Profiles. The site is a scam. They charge your credit card a membership fee to look at jobs in the movie industry which probably don't exist. The number one clue here is that legitimate Hollywood casting call listings are free but most people don't know that. There is a list of complaints on this web site about Hollywood Profiles.

Bottom line: If you are unemployed or looking for another job or career don't pay any agency any membership fees, listing fees or any other types of up front fees. If you go with a fee based employment agency they will charge you but only AFTER you have found work through them. They typically take the money out of your first paycheck.

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