Grammar usage in blogs and websites to attract readers

Here is something that you have probably not heard about websites and blogs - using misspelled words and bad grammar to gather traffic from search engines. I am not saying that you should use bad grammar or misspelled words all of the time to get visitors to your website or blog but at the same time don't overlook misspelling a word or two to get in on web searches.

For example someone searching for a laptop computer might misspell computer as "computar" and type that in the search engine. If you had that one misspelled word on your website and you sell laptops or computer accessories then you could get a few extra visitors that way. The same also goes for bad grammar. For example if you are a moving company in New York state and most people typed in "movers in New York" they would get lots of listings but say you had a phrase that said "movers New York" and forgot the word "in", you might just get visitors forgetting to type in that extra word in their search.

You might not garner a lot of visitors by misusing the English language but you might get a few paying customers.

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