Making money with your blog part 5

If you have been following my series of "How to make money with your blog" then you will be happy to see this installment. In the first 4 parts of the series I talked about developing your blog and getting links to it.

If you missed the first four here is part 4 with links to the other 3 parts at the end.

In this part you will find out how to make money from it. On the blog The Playful Pup, you will notice I have now put some advertising on there in the form of banners in the side panel. This type of advertising is called affiliate advertising and you join a company that is looking for website and blog owners to put advertising on their sites. How you get paid is when a person clicks on an ad and then buys something at that site. You receive a percentage of the purchase price. Now you are probably wondering why I took so long to get to the money part of the blog. That answer is rather simple. You see many of the affiliate programs that you will apply to will have some sort of approval process. By letting some time pass and growing your blog first you will have a higher chance of being approved by the affiliate company.

Here is a list of the affiliate companies I have joined with some insight into how each one of them has worked for me.

Share a sale: I have been with them the longest. I find their site is easy to navigate through and find some really good companies to host on my blogs. They offer pay-per-click advertising too.


Pepperjam is brand new and paid me $10.00 just to sign up. They seem to be attracting some of the major retail websites on the internet. They have BBC America, Chase, Jelly Belly, Sesame Street and many more. The companies listed on there tend to be pickier than the ones listed on Share a sale but the payouts are higher.

Remember to keep track of the ads you post on your blogs. Some of the companies you have an ad for might no longer be in business or offering the deal you are advertising. Don't keep seasonal ads up too long. Rotate your ads if you can so your readers have a variety of things to look at and not the same old same old.

Of course you can always add Google Adsense ads to your blog but unless it is a high trafficked blog you won't get many people clicking through. I find that my click through rate is less than 1% and the click might be worth a whole nickle.

Now you are ready to join an affiliate company.

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