Blogs and websites that bring in huge amounts of traffic

If you want to really bring in huge amounts of visitors overnight then your blog or website must either be:
  • Controversial
  • Unusual
  • Have a fan base
It doesn't have to be all 3 of the items I have listed above, just one will do. I was chatting with another blogger a few months ago that had started a blog based on bad contractors. She had become a victim of a fly by night contractor that took her money and run. After going through the legal channels and getting frustrated with the system she decided to let everyone know about the company and it's owner - in detail on her blog. Then other people started to leave comments for the first few days until they too started to list in detail, with names and places the contractors they had dealt with. The hits did not come large until 2 of the contractors mentioned in the blog decided to leave comments and the readers just lapped up the on going comments between the contractors and her loyal readers. The contractors threatened to sue for spreading bad news about them. It just went on and on. The good news for the blog owner was that she was getting over 18,000 visitors a day and was earning Google Adsense clicks at the rate of $10 or more a day.

How long did that blog take to go from the first post to 18,000 visitors a day? 6 days! It only took that long because she mentioned her blog on one of the message boards she had been a member of for 5 years.

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