Making money online without a blog, website or selling on eBay

Yes there are other ways to make a really nice income online without blogging, owning a website or selling anything. The one way that I make extra money without having to blog or sell anything is writing articles for the internet. Now before you say, yes I tried it but it doesn't work, read this blog post first before you click on one of the ads or surf on.

First let me say that there are hundreds if not thousands of websites that claim to pay you for your written articles but either never do or they pay something outrageous like .01 an article. Stay away from those scam companies. One of my personal favorite non-scams is Associated Content where I earn an average of $6.00 an article with the highest paid one to date at $20.50, that is not including my monthly performance payments of $10.00 or more.

Now you do the math. If you can write a nice 400+ word article about anything you wanted to with no spelling or grammar errors, you could earn at least $4.00 for it. Now if you wrote 5 of them a day then you would earn at least $20.00 a day. Ok that's not much but consider you can now earn money every time someone reads your article as well. Let's use my own articles as an example:

Most of my articles get at least 100 views a month with some of them getting over 2000 or more views in one month. At the minimum payment I would get $1.50 per 1000 views. That equals to 8000 or more views a month, so I would get an additional $12.00 a month. That's not much considering I only have 80 articles on there right now. If I increase my article writing to 2 articles a day that would mean I could earn around $400 a month which would include getting paid upfront for my articles and my performance views.

I also like the fact that once they have accepted my article they pay me within 2 business days via PayPal. The performance views are paid once a month.

There is at least several writers on AC that get paid in the $1K+ range each month just on performance views alone. Hows that for getting paid for just having your written article on AC? If you like to write and blogging is not for you than try AC.

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