Your business blog

So you have a business and everyone is telling you that you should have a blog. Blogs are great for getting search engine traffic and a great way to promote your business but there are a few things that a business blog should NEVER include, they are:
  • No personal information, people don't want to hear about your personal family issues. Remember that the blog is to promote your business and not air your dirty laundry.
  • Don't pick on your competition or declare war over a rude comment left on your blog
  • Don't go off subject. if your business is a car dealership then blogging about your cruise trip will not only turn off your readers but will look odd to the search engines. Stay on subject.
  • Don't get too personal with your readers, try to avoid writing about your "moods".
  • Poor grammar should never be in your blog along with text shortcuts, not everyone knows what ROTHFLMFHO is

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