I hate computers

That is a strange statement to make from someone who makes a good part time income from using one. It is because the last 2 laptops I have had only lasted 3 years or less before they had some major problems. I am typing this blog post out on an older laptop (born in the year 2000) that my husband use to have. We keep it as a back-up unit. Struggling with Windows ME and having to find a compatible browser for it is pure hell. My HP laptop refused to turn on this morning. Not even a light on or a flickering screen. The mother board failed on it during the first 6 months I had it. Now it is just barely 2 years old and it went belly up again. Thank goodness I bought the 3 year warranty on it.

Since owning so many computers that I just plain wear out I have become very fond of flash drives to back everything up.I have an old desk top computer sitting in the corner of my office that is has Windows 95 on it and it doesn't have the capacity to use DSL. I might gut the thing and update it - one day. I also have an Averatec that was a great little laptop for all of 4 years. Now it just turns on, boots up and reboots again. I can't to read what the blue warning screen says. I figure it might cost at least $200 for someone to look at it so it would probably be cheaper to get a netbook since they cost under $199 right now.

I wonder if that is what everyone else is doing, getting those cheap netbooks. I will wait until they have a bigger memory and have Windows Vista on them. I really can't stand all the problems with the old XP operating system that comes installed on them.

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Michael Riley said...


I am a computer technician with 25+ years of hands-on experience. I am able to save people a huge amount of frustration with their computer problems except people don't believe what I say.

Computers and printers, etc., are designed to fail. Usually right after the warranty expires. Sometimes they fail one day after the warranty sometimes 1-3 months after. The point is we are being lied to by the computer industry.

I see it clearly because of my experience. Other technicians say I am wrong. They don't know what I know. Google the "floppy controller defect" that is a defect that Toshiba (and the rest of the computer industry concealed...lied about)was sued for knowingly concealing. It is consumer fraud. I can stop this planned obsolescence.