A warning for GE Money Bank customers

If you have a credit card serviced by GE Money Bank here is a heads up for you. I have a small store credit card that is serviced by GE Money Bank and this happened to me.

My credit card due date is the 30th of each month. I usually pay at least 5 days before the due date and online at that. I was running a little late and went online 3 DAYS before the due date and paid liked I always do. For some odd reason I decided to check my account activity (something I have never done because I am paying off one purchase made a few months back) and there on the activity list was a $39 late payment post dated for the 30th of the month and it was only the 27th. I thought that the late payment would disappear once I made my payment. It didn't. I received my "Thank you for your payment" email and it was dated the 27th.

On the 31st of May I decided to check my GE Money Bank online statement again and sure enough they charged me for the late payment and the payment I made was credited on the 31st, not on the 27th when I paid it. It looks like GE is playing games so I gave them a call and after I told them I had an email dated on the 27th that they had received my payment the reversed the late fee. Of course the foreign speaking man on the other end of the phone did argue with me that I had not paid until after the due date but I did have proof otherwise. Now I am waiting for the paper statement to see if they up my interest rate due to the late fee that was charged in "error".

If you have access to your online statement at GE Money Bank go and check out your activity to see if GE Money Bank is post dating fees to your account. Unless you call and dispute them they will charge you those fees.


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