Biggest money making day yet

I just had to boast about my biggest money making day online to date. Yesterday I opened up my email and got 3 offers to ghost write blog posts. Each one of them paid over $40 dollars. I did those 3 articles in under 2 hours and earned a total of $134.50 for those articles. I was so thrilled that not one of the articles had to be about diets, gambling or mesothelioma. Instead I wrote about seahorses, home decor and coupon clipping. My good fortune did not end there. My blogs also earned $12.13 in Google Adsense clicks, which is just above normal for one day. I also earned $34 in affiliate commissions.

That is a total of $180.63 for one day. Now if only everyday paid that well I would be earning $66K a year. Right now I would settle for half of that and still live very well. That comes from having paid off all of our credit cards and having no car payments. Come to think of it I could probably pay off our small mortgage in 3 years. Now there is a goal to look forward to having.

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