Don't get mad, just write a nasty blog post about it

Do you realize that as bloggers we can change the world? Instead of getting mad and pissed off and ranting and raving to our family and friends, we can and do tell the whole world about it.

So what ticked me off to start this blog post? This time is was our friends, and when I say "friends" I mean distant, very distant business partners at IZEA. They went and introduced SocialSpark 2.0, an updated version of their current SocialSpark blogging advertising platform. Last month when they said they would be using Google Analytics and dumping their own "real rank" bit of garbage, I was thrilled. That was until yesterday they released the NEW platform. They decided in their infinite wisdom to require them to automatically publish paid blog posts to your blog and that they would need your password and user name to get in. I said woe, no way. I have 10 blogs on my blogger account and only one of them is in their system. They all have the same password and user name. There is no way I am handing over my keys to MY blogs to some company that I have earned $25 in the last 3 months.

I also found out that IZEA has been getting some backlash from other bloggers in their system, a BIG backlash in fact. On their own blog post announcing the release of SS 2.0 there are currently over 25 angry bloggers posting comments to the post. Because of the backlash on that blog post, Ted, the owner of IZEA thought he had better clarify things on his next blog post explaining why they want to have access to your blog. He tries to rally the troops but he is failing fast.

I have been also monitoring Twitter for gossip on SocialSpark and there too have been some rumblings. Since it is still early in the battle of SocialSpark versus the bloggers, I can see that the low end bloggers don't care since they earn a $5 here and there and maintain their blogs solely for SS (those are the crap blogs that have lot's of links pointing to them, poor grammar and ads plastered all over the place and only 3 visitors a day). It is the high end bloggers that are fighting it or plan on leaving. Gee, that will make the advertisers happy. They will have access to 1000's of crap blogs instead of well known cream of the crop blogs.

Let's sit back and watch to see what will happen in the next 24-48 hours. Wow, I am not pissed off anymore, see what writing can do for a calms them down.

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