My biggest complaints about health insurance companies

As a woman I think that health insurance companies discriminate against us, or at least they don't give a damn. Take for example 15-20 years ago, most insurance companies did not cover birth control pills but they did cover abortions. When I was pregnant, my doctor prescribed me prenatal vitamins and when I got to the pharmacy, I was told they were not covered. I seemed to me that the insurance company was not interested in preventing a sickness or condition as much as it was treating the condition after the fact.

If more health insurance companies would cover routine check-ups, vaccines and cancer screenings (many of them still don't) they could not only save themselves money but maybe, just maybe more of us could afford health insurance if the costs were lowered by less people getting sick.

Unfortunately the health insurance business is not set up that way. They are not a non-profit business but a FOR profit business. That means any savings they could get by offering preventative care, they would pocket it and not lower premiums.

I am still waiting to see how this Obama health insurance thing plays out. Since it passed several months ago, I have not heard anymore about it. It seems to have been swept under the rug somewhere.

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