Just a few ideas on how to make more money with your blogs

I was over on You Tube a few days ago and watched almost 50 short videos on internet marketing. Most were by people that didn't have a clue to what they were doing and they just re-hashed the old visit other blogs and make comments and of course have a Twitter account and a Facebook page (remember when it was a MySpace page?). Then I stumbled upon a great guy that was actually the head of a big company and he was teaching SEO tactics to affiliates. Although he was showing how to market a product, some of the same concepts could be applied to marketing a blog.

He was saying not to bother as much with the making comments on other blogs or even using Facebook, he was saying that you should let Google do the work for you. The number one thing he was emphasizing was to write unique and well written content. Do not duplicate any content since Google will notice it and put your little article in never-never land. If you start to write unique in-depth articles of more than 1000 words then Google will start to take notice of them and put you up higher in the search engines. But your content MUST stay in line with the rest of your blog subject matter in order for this to work. Say for example you have a blog about skin care. An in-depth article about adult acne causes would fit right in, but one about muscle cars would not and Google would penalize your blog for doing that, because it does not contain relevant content. Don't forget that in your in-depth articles you can place your affiliate links and suggestions for where to purchase items that you have mentioned.

So I tried that method on one of my blogs. First I Googled the title of my blog post to see how many other results I would be up against. There were only 3 pages and most of them were not really relevant. So I wrote my article and it took several hours to put it together and another 2 hours to get my affiliate links placed just right. After the post went live, I pinged it with ping-o-matic and then Tweeted it. About an hour later I typed in the same search terms I used before and there was my article on Google search, 3rd from the top!!! It had been indexed already. Now I just have to sit back and let that article make money for me.

Now if I do, say 2 in-depth articles a week for each of my 5 active blogs then it should take only a month till I start seeing a dramatic increase in traffic to my blogs and I have let Google bring that traffic to me.

By the way the article was about manipulating graphics between software programs. I just thought you might want to know.

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