SupaSwap - review

I was asked to do a review of and of course they wanted to pay me $25 for the review. The review had to be favorable one. After looking over their website I had to turn down the offer as my review would not be favorable.

In their own words they state that they are like eBay but you can swap children's items with other people. You can also place bids and buy and sell. Of course SupaSwap wants their cut of the action at a whopping 10%!!!

Now don't get me wrong, they have a good idea going except most people will go to freecycle (one of the biggest swapping sites online) or craigslist for swapping. If they want to straight out sell then eBay is the way to go.

Another big turn off was this statement on their FAQ page:
Q: The item I bought was not 'as described'?

A: You must communicate with the seller if there are any problems with the transaction. SupaSwap are not responsible for any disputes between a buyer and a seller. Remember there is a feedback section that is designed to ensure honest and accurate trades take place between our members. However, if you report a problem then at our discretion we can investigate the matter and we reserve the right to remove a members access to SupaSwap.

At least on eBay you can get your money back or have some recourse, on SupaSwap there is almost nothing.

I am going to have to give SupaSwap a BIG thumbs down for now.

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