Experimenting with Adsense

I have never made that much money with Google Adsense so I thought I might start up 2 new blogs that were just geared to generate income only using Google Adsense. I found some great information online on how to do it. Most of the SEO I already knew but it is finding the right high paying keywords that I could wrap an entire blog around that stumped me. For example I love crafts and animals but none of the words I looked up in my own Adsense account showed that they were worth more than a dollar. As you know, the cost of an keyword has very little to do with what a publisher gets so I was aiming at words or phrases that would cost at least $5 or more. Next I tried the shopping angle and put in everything from video games and iphones to LED TV's - nothing over $1.40 Next I tried womens items and checked cosmetics to ecco shoes and still nothing. I did find out that expensive services are high priced keywords. Medical procedures, legal services, loans and even insurance were all in the high priced keyword area. So that gave me a brilliant idea. I would start up a blog devoted to one medical problem and another one devoted to expensive travel and see how each one would do.

The one beautiful thing I know about blogging for Adsense is that you don't have to have a lot of traffic for it, just the right words in your articles to show up in Google searches. I currently have one blog that gets a few cents a day with Adsense and get maybe 20 visits a day so it doesn't take many visitors to generate Adsense clicks. The ads are not large either, they are just a small list at the bottom of the blog post - not plastered all over the place. What makes the difference in the content, it is unique and Google loves unique content.

Another thing for those grammar hounds out there, guess what, lousy grammar makes no difference to Google at all. A blog with misspellings, wrong words or looks like it was written by a 6 year old will often show up high in searches along with the "perfect" blogs because of their unique content. I should know because several years ago my young daughter had a blog on Wordpress.com and she would get 150 to 300 visitors a day! Dumb me, thought I could monetize that blog so I moved it to blogger and added ads and started to write blog posts. My style of writing and proper grammar killed it. 

Back to my experiment, I did find out from the "gurus" that for a good Adsense generating blog you only need 12  - 20 in depth articles on your subject that are 500-1000 words long. I figured if I write one article each week then in about 3 months I should start to see some extra income coming in from those 2 blogs just from Adsense. I am aiming for at least $20 a day income from those 2 blogs in a few weeks. It should be easy to get just $10 a day from each of them. Let's see if this works out.

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