What are you doing without?

The economy is still stagnant for millions of people. Going without is no longer a matter of figuring out to shut off the cable TV or cut back on the Starbucks coffee. Now it is a matter of doing without health insurance, letting the payments lapse on the term life insurance and deciding on if giving up meat in the diet would save money. People are cutting back on everything.

Just a few days ago I started to notice that our local Goodwill and St Vinnies were getting a lot more up scale donations. I asked why and found out that since many people have lost their homes and they could not afford to put their items into storage, those items ended up being donated. Those people are doing without not only their homes but most of their worldly possessions.

Watching our local news today, they have painted a dismal picture for the up coming Christmas shopping season. I am not sure of that since many local businesses have "help wanted" signs in their windows. They are gearing up for when the college kids go back to school and leave their jobs.

I am going to tell you what I have been doing without and then it is your turn. I have been cutting back on snack foods, my weakness is cookies, ice cream and donuts. I have not had a donut in at least 6 months, a cookie in 4 months but that ice cream habit is a little harder to break. At least it is the cheap brand bought at the Grocery Outlet.

Now it is your turn, what have you been doing without?

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