Tips to increase your earnings with Adsense

Are you frustrated with your meager daily earnings with Adsense? You are not alone by any means. Do your websites or blogs have huge numbers of visitors but very few clicks on your Adsense ads? Then you are obviously doing something wrong. Below I have some tips and some insight what you might be doing wrong.

Let's first take a look at what people do when surfing the internet. They are either looking up information, shopping or just passing the time. If you have any one of those types of blogs or websites then you have half the battle done for you. Just personal ramblings just don't attract people to click on Adsense ads in those sites, they are just there to read and move on. So here is a list of tips to increase you earnings with Adsense:
  • Write crap - yes, you read it right, crap. How many times have you visited blogs and not find what you were looking for and clicked on an ad just because the ad sounded better than what you were reading. Google wants original content but their bots are not intelligent enough to know the difference between good original content and original crap.
  • Write about the item you want the ad to display. If you want an ad to appear about coach gifts then you have to mention that item at least 3 times in your post or article. 
  • Write about something that pays higher per click. If you are getting over 100 clicks a day but each of them are only worth .03 a click then you need to aim for higher paying words. You article does not have to be about lawyers, loans or medical devices but you need to mention the same phrase or word at least 3 times to trigger those ads.
  • Write a short (under 300 words) post with a title that claims to give an answer to a question.  Then do the unthinkable.........don't answer the question. That will leave the reader hanging and they will either leave via an Adsense ad that gives them their answer or they will click on something else.
What you have to keep in mind is the fact that most of those methods will have the effect of your blog or website only having one time visitors. People will not want to return. On the other hand there are billions of people on the internet so if they only visit your blog or website once, who cares, you'll would have made some money from each of them.

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