Getting up at 2am to shop? No way!

Why in the world would people want to shop on Black Friday at 3am in the morning? I have heard that many stores are planning midnight openings or just slightly later. If a store opened at 3am in the morning that means you have to be up at 2am just to get ready to go to the store. What on earth would be worth getting up that early for? The stores would have to have some pretty low priced items to get me out of bed that early. There are only 2 things that would get me up that early and they would be a notebook computer priced under $150 or an iPod touch for $100 or less. Everything else will eventually go down in price about 1 week before Christmas.

I feel really sorry for the people who work retail during this time of year. Most of them are part time and they don't get paid extra money to show up for those early is just expected of them.

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