I've got writers block or is it?

The dreaded bane of all professional writers has hit me, writers block. I don't think that it is real writers block as much as procrastination. I have about 7 more articles to write for Yahoo and although I have rough drafts written for them I have been putting off finishing them.

Procrastination will be the great undoing of many people. I know the feeling all too well. I do manage to complete all what I need to do before it is due and that includes paying bills, filing documents and buying ink for my printer before it runs out but damn, it bugs me that I tend to put things off until almost the last minute.

I have known 2 people that started businesses only to fail because they were terrible procrastinators. One guy tried to run a printing business and just could not keep up with the customers deadlines. Thankfully he did not invest in any large printers but leased them instead. Instead of going out of business entirely he sold the business to his son who made it a success.

Tip for the day:   If you are a procrastinator either don't have a business with deadlines or have someone help you keep on track with demands.

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