Shopping wars are under way

I do believe that the advertising war on the internet has heated up to a furnace level. I say that because I have been swamped with offers to write advertising articles. Some are easy such as a home remedy for acne, in fact I did an article about that same subject a few years back for Associated Content and I still get paid on page views from it. In fact I normally get at least $3 a month in PV's on that one article.

Since I have been swamped with offers to write, I have had to turn many of them down. I will not even look at them if the offer is under $12. That helps to weed many of them out. If they want more than 250 words the price goes up even further. It takes time to write those articles and my time just went up in price.

If companies are will to shell out the money for advertising then they can afford to lower their prices on many of the items I see on "sale." Those sale prices are still too high for my tastes.

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