Sick and tired of advertising

It has got to be that time of year when everything seems to be "sell, sell, sell." I cannot seem to get away from commercialism no matter where I go. On my way to work there are several billboards along the highway advertising everything from banks, restaurants and car lots to best weight gain supplements and RV's.

Then I go online and every page has an ad on it. This little blog actually has less advertising than most blogs (I must admit that the Google ads do pay well) and I try to keep it at a minimum. One place I don't like to visit is the Wonderwall that MSN seems to link all of their entertainment news to. It takes a long time to load the page and then it has several pop-up ads.

To make matters worse, I find out that Shell (the oil people) have been putting people into several key positions in government to keep oil areas open to them (in Africa). I have come to the conclusion that this world is run not by governments but the rich and greed few.

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