What I got for Christmas

As usual I gave out more gifts than I got back, this Christmas. I remember several bye gone Christmases when I did without getting any gifts simply because I was unemployed and money was not available for any extras. Relatives were understanding and knew that we could not afford gifts for them. Several Christmases before my mother passed away she even gave us money so we could afford to buy gifts for everyone that year. It was several hard years of tight living before we could afford Christmas again. I wanted to repay my mother for all her generosity but she passed away before our economic outlook got better. If your mother has done something great for you and you get a chance to repay her get some gifts for your mom. They don't have to be things, they can be a wonderful day out or just time together.

What I will say is that by having those tight money Christmases, I don't mind just getting one or two gifts, even stocking stuffers. It really is the thought that counts.

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