Apple imitators

Imitation is said to be the most sincerest form of flattery so Apple must be the most flattered high tech company in the industry. Almost everyone has come out with their own version of the iPhone and now here comes the iPad knock-offs. Then someone got the bright idea to cross the two and now we have the blackberry playbook. It has a small 7" screen and claims to give you full computing power but only has 1GB of memory. Heck even my iPod Touch has 8GB of memory and it is the old version.

So I ask the same old technology question - what's the point? If I want computing power that is small then I have a laptop or a notebook. If I want a quick, small, on the go connection to the internet, that is free I might add, then I have my iPod with WiFi. For a cell phone I have a pay-as-you phone. Now I wonder should all of those items be in one gadget? I will ask that with one question, would you use a combination microwave oven, dishwasher and freezer?

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