Day two of my cold and getting better

While I hate having to hang around the bathroom and laying in bed, I can be thankful for having a laptop and decent weather outside. I cannot fathom even trying to use a snow shovel or getting out one of our commercial pumps to pump out flooded areas like it seems that at least 50% of the USA is doing right now.When I lived in the central valley of CA we had what is commonly called a "holding pond." It was a dug out area that collected water during heavy rains. If your property did not have one or there was not one very close by, then you might have a flooded house. Many city folks would buy older homes out in the central valley and fill those holding ponds in. Later they would realize what they had done and once they clean out their house of a few inches of water they would hire someone with a backhoe to dig their holding pond, again. Even here in Oregon, I have have seen holding ponds in the Willamette Valley.

Oh well, enough of reminiscing and back to taking another nap. I have been up since 3am coughing out a lung.

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