It is one of those times when everything breaks at the same time

Ever have one of those months when everything seems to want to break? Well this is my month. I originally set aside some money in a separate savings account for some new home decor. I was going to put in new carpet in the living room then redo the master bathroom with a new counter top and a brand new color scheme with new towels, bath rugs and curtains. Like I said, I "was" going to do those things. That was until the oven blew up last night. The oven/range is about 12 years old and came with the house when we bought it. For the last few months the thermostat has been acting up and the oven goes on, on its own. So last night I turned on the oven and there was a bright light shinning through the oven window. I opened the oven door and saw the heating element light up like a welding rod. I turned it off but the oven would not turn off. I had to turn off the oven at the circuit breaker.

So this weekend it is oven/range shopping time. Right now we are using our electric counter top appliances for cooking but there are only so many ways to fry or grill things.

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