We almost bought a 20 acre ranch

About 6 years ago were were shopping for property in the country. I looked at plenty of them but the one I really wanted to look at was one that was close to the foreclosure process and was on the market as a "short sale." What a short sale is, in the simplest terms, is a sale of the property at less than the amount owed. This is agreed upon by the lender and borrower before the property is listed as a short sale. The property we were wanted to look at was listed on our local Remax realtor's website, click here for the main Remax website. It was 20 acres with a manufactured home and 2 barns. The main barn had a covered riding arena and I think the place had been used as a boarding stable in the past. Someone else had made an offer that was in the process of being bargained for so our realtor told us that it would be useless for us to make an offer on the property. Of course we didn't end up with the property but in the long run it worked out, let me tell you why and the story might interest you.

A few years later I met someone who lived just down the street from that 20 acre property. She confirmed to me that the property had changed hands several times over the years and also mentioned something that I had not known.......the well was bad and had gone dry several times. It had not been drilled deep enough.

Last year that property was hosting a horse show and curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check it out. I got the dates wrong on the horse show and showed up 2 weeks prior to the show. The place that I fell in love with in the photos just 5 years prior to that was now a DUMP!! Yes the place was thrashed. The huge barn with the riding arena had a large sag in the middle of the roof line and the home had 3 dogs living under it. No one was home but I did manage to talk to the stall cleaner who said that the horse show would be canceled due to lack of interest.........no one wanted to come to the place (I wonder why!!!!) to attend the show.

We currently live about 5 miles from that place and we did find a nice place in the country. The property has much less acreage but a larger home and a GREAT well. Occasionally I still look on those real estate websites to see other "dream homes" that I can drool over, Zillow is a big one now (click here to visit Zillow) but I also like realtor.com

So you can see that in our case it was better that we did not get that 20 acre headache but ended up with house we now live in.

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