I hate power outages

Last weekend my family spent 36 hours in the dark. No power due to downed trees. The wind storm put several cities without power for 2 days or more. Of course I was unable to do anything that involved the use of electricity or water. Our water is supplied by a well that needs electricity to power the well pump.

That experience got me thinking, if I was looking for a source of alternate energy for just our well, where would I look? We are lucky that our well can be set up to be plugged into a portable generator but with the price of gas going skyward, what about solar?

I did find one website called "Clean Alternate Energy" that has power solutions that would work, On the same site I also found a neat section of solar powered chargers that would keep my laptop charged up during the power outage, all for under $20.

I should go back and look at more of what they have to offer since we almost lost our entire refrigerator full of food due to lack of electricity.

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