My Google ads are paying higher per click

The last week or so, the clicks on the Google ads on this blog have increased only slightly but the pay out per click has increased by at least 300%. Just today I got one click that paid me $2.65 which is 3 times the normal rate per click that I get on this blog. Too bad that I will never find out what ad that was clicked on so I could cater to those keywords to trigger more higher paying Google ads.

Since I write blog posts on a wide variety of subjects, almost all of them pertaining to money or careers, it would be helpful to me to know what ads are being clicked on. For example are the ads about coupons and saving money or are they about investing in your future with education? I know that the higher paying ads are directed to medical, lawyers and insurance but job hunting and higher education is also gaining a tighter market for ads. If the ad was for education, was it for a medical career or a computer career like mba management? I would like to know that.

Do you know if there is a way I could find out what ads were clicked on? If you do just leave a comment. I am sure that others would be interested in finding out that as well.

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