Do you ever contact companies to complain and get rewarded?

There are times that I get so frustrated with companies and their services or products that I email them. Just last week I complained about my Blockbuster service. I have an online rental service with them and they make it so hard to interchange their mailing rentals with their stores. Sure I can return mailings to the store and exchange them for in-store rentals but I can't exchange the now in-store exchange for another in-store exchange. Kinda dumb if you ask me. Not only that, you cannot return a store rental to another Blockbuster store - cuz they are all independently owned!!! Now I know why they are having a hard time staying in business, because their rental strategy was not thought out enough.

So I emailed them and politely suggested that they forward my email to someone who makes the decisions about rental policy. What they sent back was an email that had attached a coupon I could print out for another rental! I emailed back that my printer was out of ink right now and when I could afford $30 for the ink cartridge I would use the coupon, but until then, they should be thinking about other ways to make it easier for their online customers to exchange movies. I then added that in this day of digital information, why would I need a "printed" coupon to take to the store?

I have not heard back from them and I doubt I will.

Another thing that gets my goat is truth in advertising. How many times have you shouted back to the TV "that's not true," during a commercial? I know I have. Most of the time they are ads about drugs, supplements or some cleaning product I have used that didn't work. There is one stupid ad for a natural testosterone supplement that I just want to grab the announcer by the neck and shake and say, "it is not true."

As my family keeps telling me, claim down Mom, nobody really believes those claims.........but I think they do.

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