Coupon crazy people

Have you seen that new TV show about the extreme coupon shoppers? I watched a few episodes and here is my opinion about the women who shop like that:


Yes they do save money but they are buying a lot of stuff they will never use. For example one family bought 25, 5 pound blocks of cheese. Unless they have the room for it in their refrigerator and can use it before it expires, they have wasted their money. Another family bought about 20 boxes of cereal. Do they realize that cereal has an expiration date too? One family's home looked like a grocery store inside, they had gone to the extreme of food hording.

If I was to shop like those women and buy $500 or $600 worth of groceries for less than $20, you can bet that most of it would be donated to the local food banks. I simply don't have the room for that kind of extreme shopping, nor could I use that much food before it expired.

What I would really like to see is coupon shopping for non-food items. If the stores would issue coupons for money off of gasoline, furniture, electronics and pet supplies I could see some real savings. Even the fast food restaurants have coupons so why not other stores? With Mother's Day coming up in the next few weeks maybe there will be some store coupons for money off of mothers day photo frames, flowers and even dinners.I am not talking about online coupons for online stores but coupons for brick and mortar stores.

Now I just wish that there was an easier way to coupon shop in the stores without clipping coupons.

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