The ideal job

My idea of the great job is to set up a website or blog and make money just by having people read it. Of course it would take much more than just a few hundred visitors a day, more in the area of ten thousand or more each day.

That seems like a lot but if you are a talented writer and have something to say in an entertaining way, then it is not impossible. In fact you might have better luck in getting a successful blog going than paying back a high interest, so called "easy personal loan."

You can monetize your blog or website by placing ads on it but only if you actually sell the ad space rather than go the affiliate route. Think of your website or blog as an online magazine and do what magazines do....sell ad space, don't give it away. This blog has ads on it in the form of Google ads and the clicks that come from this blog are high paying ones (more than $1 a click).

Just like a magazine, you need to keep your content fresh but if you can update your blog or website just once a week then you will keep on adding content and more content means more visitors.

You can do it....I already do. Give it a try. 

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