When money is tight, that is when everything seems to break

Have you ever noticed that when you have to watch every penny of your spending, that is when things break down and need major repairs.

The family car seems to be the first on the list with something major to go wrong. Next are major kitchen appliances followed closely by well pumps or electrical wiring. Of course then there are the items that are not considered essentials but they are expensive like the computer or spa.

Our own spa was a victim of a budget crisis. It came with the house when we bought it, 7 years ago. The spa needed a new cover at the time and we bought one locally for over $300. I should have shopped around and bought a spa cover at BeyondNice.com but that was 7 years ago and who knows what the prices were back then. Then about 2 years later, the spa needed new jets, as they were crumbling. We replaced them at a cost of about $35 each and we needed 7 of them. Six months later a crack appeared in the spa and it started to leak. At about the same time, the pump started to act up and keep switching off on its own. At that point, we drained the spa and now it sits empty with a nice cover on it. To us, it is not worth putting more money into it.

What broke at your home that you have no plans to fix?

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