An old blog is suddenly making money for me

I set up a blog, with about 6 posts on it, about a year ago. It was an experiment in making a niche blog, putting Adsense on it and a few affiliate links and letting it sit. Suddenly a few days ago it starts to get a few hits a day. Then just 2 days ago it was getting 20+ hits a day. I then added another post and today it has gotten 40+ hits already.

I checked a few key phrases that I typed into Google search and there was my blog, almost at the top of those searches. The visitors are even clicking on the ads! So far each click is worth about .17 to .25 cents which is not bad, not bad at all.

Niche blogging does work but you must give it time and lots of it for it to work. For example, this blog gets about 20 to 50 visitors a day which is small but the visitors do click on the ads. Since I have set it up that Adsense only displays higher paying ads, every click is more than .50 cents with most of them a few dollars each.

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