Stress from lack of money

Money worries are a major cause of stress in families. I can't say that it is because of the economy nowadays because money worries have haunted families for decades. I can remember when I was a child that my dad told me that we would be living like kings if he could earn just $15K a year. Those were the days when brand new homes in San Jose, California would cost only $18K and the really nice ones were $23K. Of course gasoline was only .25 cents a gallon and "gas wars" were a regular occurrence. To keep it all in perceptive, the minimum wage was about $1.25 an hour in many states.

Why does it seem that once we have gotten a pay raise or finally earn what we think was enough to get by comfortably that prices of everything seems to out pace it? That well known part of life has affected everyone of us.

I cannot imagine starting a family now, everything is so much more expensive. Yes, a young family can make baby clothes, buy used baby supplies and do away with birthday cards and send baby announcements via email, but what about health insurance? That is one cost that keeps on rising along with food. Children need healthcare and food.

The number one thing that you and I need to do, is to quit stressing over something that is elusive such as more money and learn to live on what we have. We have to learn that the quest for more of anything is stressful and that being satisfied with what we have will lead to a better life in the long run. You see, my dad never did get that elusive $15K a year salary, he became disabled from a work related accident. His dreams became dashed and he became a bitter man as the years went on. If only he had learned to be satisfied then maybe he would have enjoyed the rest of his life instead of worrying about everything.

That's enough for now. Now go and learn not to stress out.

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