Laptops versus tablet PC's

My daughter's laptop bit the dust last week. She has been using an older laptop of mine since then. I know she is a good money saver so I promised her that if she saved up enough money for a new computer I would add $100 to it. She already has enough for one of those tablet netbooks but she wants a wide screen laptop since she does graphic arts. She has a few more pay periods (she gets $30 a week for doing some heavy duty chores)  to go and she will have enough to buy that new laptop.

So what brand has she decided on? An Acer. She had a Toshiba and we have had HP's but so far all of them get really hot. Her test was to feel under each one of the laptops that were on display in a local store. Most of them were hot except for all of the Acers. So an Acer is what she wants.

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