Why buying a LCD or LED TV is more than just buying the TV

Yes I love those big screen TV's that are on display in electronic stores and our local Walmart. With the prices coming down why have I not bought one? Buying one of those TV's is not as simple as it seems. First they are not like hanging a picture on your wall. They do have some weight to them and they will require a special tv bracket for it to hang on the wall. Then those wires have to be hidden so that requires some decoration of some type. If you don't want to have the TV on the wall you need a stand with a bracket that holds the TV in place so it won't fall over.

So you will need to add at least $200+ to the cost of those TV's just to mount it on the wall or purchase a stand. If you do go wireless, and some of the new LED TV's are wireless (but I still can't figure out how they are powered........ batteries?) then you might be able to hang it without having to hide anything.

Until the prices come down just a bit more, I'll wait to get a slim LED TV for our living room.

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